• UAE Borouge3 Project (USD 19.8 Bil),
    Administration Manager (Human Resource)
  • Malaysia TGAST Project (USD 7.7 Bil),
    Administration Manager (Human Resource)
  • Headquarter, Global Staff Recruitment,
    General Manager
  • Headquarter, Recruitment Manager for 26 countries

Our Expertise

The Ministry of External Affairs of India has given Duru the license number - RA5467215 to operate as a Recruiting Agent in India.

We recruit Indian professionals for a diverse range of job industries and domains around the world. Based on in-depth knowledge, our expertise lies in the following segments:

Unique Features

Additional Services

Duru provides a complete solution to all the recruitment needs of its clients.
Our list of services includes:

Trade Testing & Certification

Facilitate candidates in getting certification from licensed trade centres. These certificates are critical for blue-collar jobs in GCC countries.

Emigration Clearance

Get clearance from the emigration department for all kinds of passport holders, a mandate for Indian employees working abroad.

Visa Application and Stamping

Fast processing of Visa application for Middle Eastern nations and countries around the world, professionally and accurately.

Medical Clearance

Ensure each candidate undergoes the necessary medical tests and pass them before declared physically fit for the job.

Document Attestation

Collect necessary educational certificates and identification proofs and get them attested by the authorized government officials.

Police Clearance

Conduct background verification of the candidate and check for criminal records, to attain the police verification.